Friday, August 10, 2012

Avrah Grace

My baby girl is 6 today! 

This morning when she woke up this is what her room looked like

That is 75 balloons, blown up with love and smuggled into her room while she slept

As is our family ritual I took her to have birthday donuts

and talked to her about the past year and the year to come, 
her goals, her dreams.

She wants to be a dancer, a singer, an actress.
She wants to compete in the win a gold medal in the Olympics

for BOTH

running and swimming!

She also wants to be a mom, 
(but only after she has received her medals)
If she has girls she wants to name them Bella and Butterfly,
she has no idea what she would name a boy.
Also she does NOT want twins.

The thing she is most looking forward to about turning 6 is going to school.
She is going to a new school this year and will be in the 1st grade.

Because technology is awesome we were able to Skype with Aunt Anna and Baby Ayla

I think Ayla was showing Avrah where her new tooth is coming in.

and now for something I wrote last night, while thinking about my baby growing up.

How Many?

The countdown has started
She won’t need me forever
One day she will be able to do it
Sometimes you don’t know when the last one will be
Sometimes we let time rush on by,
The moment slips through our fingertips
If we are lucky, we get to see it coming
Bittersweet as it may be
We can enjoy those little moments
For we know we won’t have them forever

How many?

How many more times will I get:
To scrub her little body
To wash her hair for her
To comb out the tangles
To put it in a sloppy braid before bed?

How many more times:
Will she come and sit on my lap
Will she ask me to play a game with her
Will she want to help me cook?

When this chapter ends, another will begin
I will find new ways to bond with you Baby Girl
I will find ways to let you know:
I’ll always be here for you,
Loving you,
Cheering you on,
Encouraging you,
Being a safe haven for you in this storm that is life.

Ill not be sad when the countdown is over
I’ll not cheer it on in anticipation either.

Happy 6th Birthday Avrah. 
I love you!


  1. Awww... we made the blog! Loved seeing you both this morning. Avrah is an amazing girl, and though I have many adopted nieces, I'm proud that she's my one true niece!


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