Monday, August 20, 2012

1st Day of School

I know, I know, what about Judah's birthday? Well I haven't written it yet and I don't want to rush it. So you'll have to wait. Don't worry, I'll have it this week...maybe..

So on to the first day of school.

Judah, Josiah, and Avrah started school today at their new school 

This year they are going to Discovery School of Tulsa which is a charter school and if you want to learn more you can click here.

This year Judah is starting the 6th grade. 


I can't believe it.

Josiah is starting 3rd Grade

He asked his teacher at orientation if they would be working with negative numbers, she said they would some, and he was very excited. When asked why he was so excited he said 
"I just love negative numbers they are so random"

Avrah will be starting 1st grade.

poor baby girl was sick today, stupid stomach bug ruining her first day of school.
but I'll be sure to get her picture in her uniform on her first day.

These guys had a GREAT first day and from everything they said they are really going to have a wonderful year.

Oh and Hosea and Micah  start Pre-K Thursday

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