Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Museums and Ballgames

We planned to get out of the house early and go to a couple of the museums, but it didn’t really happen, we did get out of the house and did get to go to the museum of American history.

I took Avrah to look at the dresses from all the first ladies. I enjoyed seeing the actual dresses as opposed to just looking at pictures. We could see how big the person that wore the dress was, turns out Martha Washington was really short and Nancy Reagan was/is really skinny. We also saw Julia Child’s kitchen. We looked at a TON of other things too. But since we didn’t get out as early as we had planned, I thought the babies and Avrah should take a nap before the baseball game, so Mr. Vargas took me on the metro most of the way and then I took the babies and Avrah by myself the rest of the way home. Then Mr. Vargas took the big boys to the Air and space museum and the natural history museum, while I “tried” to get the babies to take a nap. They finally did, but only after fighting me for an hour, which let them only get 1 hour sleep.

Then we went to see the National’s vs. the Padres. It was our first time to see a professional team sport live. The kids did pretty well, it was SOOO Hot, so Anna and I took the little kids to the play area until the 7th inning. We made it back in time to see an awesome play by the Nationals and then saw Zimmerman hit the winning homerun out of the park.

Mr. Vargas checking out Julia's kitchen

The hope diamond

Not sure? Mr. Vargas took this one

Live bugs

at the game: These big guys really scared Avrah, don't think the babies were too sure either

Micah looking HOT! (It was in the 100's)

so cute in their hats

Our seats were great!

trying to stay hydrated


doing what he loves.

Tomorrow’s agenda, the Zoo and “The Sticky Finger’s Bakery”.

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  1. What a fun fun day for your 50 sticky fingers! You guys are making memories they will not soon forget!


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