Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beach, Burns, and Burgers.

This was actually yesterdays blog, but the internet crashed and it was late so you get to read it today :).

Today we went to the beach. We went to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. It was lovely. If I had a complaint about this area, it would be that the drivers are not nearly as friendly as they are back home.

All the children had a great time in the sand. Most of them enjoyed the ocean as well. Only one didn’t care too much for the water, can you guess which one?

When we realized we would be going to Delaware, Mr. Vargas remembered that he has a cousin that lives out that way, and gave him a call, and sure enough he was able to stop by for a bit. We hadn’t seen him since I was pregnant with Hosea and Micah, so it was nice to catch up.

We all came back a little bit crispier, yes we did use sun screen, but it was a little hard to see where you were getting it on the very excited to be there children. Hopefully it will turn into a nice tan, without being too painful.

For dinner tonight we had “Five Guys”, if you have ever had them, you know how awesome it is. If not, and you get the chance don’t miss out. So Good.
one very excited about the ocean, one not so much

These guys loved it!

running away from a wave, she fell, but I thought it was a good pic

so much fun in the sand

paparazzi photo my sister took, had I known we were having our picture taken we might have turned around :)

sad but still so cute

Aunt Anna (and blueberry) and Uncle John with Micah and Hosea

Mr. Vargas and his cousin Ryan

I think tomorrow we are going to hit some museums and go to a baseball game, should be lots of fun


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