Friday, June 25, 2010

{Embrace the Camera}

Today's pictures were taken by:

Judah and Josiah Vargas

Because even though you are 6 1/2, you will ALWAYS be my baby!

Because sometimes I still need to pick you up, to show you I can.

Because it's artsy and I like it!

If you decide to do this too, please link up so we can all come see and comment, everybody loves comments, right?


  1. Cute! The last one is my favorite=)

  2. fun stuff! I love your embrace the camera challenge and totally challenged my birth board to do it too. I won't post my pics to my blog, but I am doing it too! ;)

  3. love the last pic, thanks for participating!

  4. Great smile!! And cute outfit!!

  5. Sweet! Fun to see him loving his mama at 6 1/2!


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