Thursday, November 17, 2011


When I picked up the little boys from school
Micah’s teacher said something that no mom wants to hear
“Your son made me cry today.”
My mind went running crazy what could he have done to the teacher to make her cry
Then she said
“They were tears of JOY.”
They were getting ready to go outside and it was chilly and as all the kids were getting their jackets on Micah ran over to his teacher’s coat and got it for her and said “Miss Janna don’t forget your jacket” She said that in all her years of teaching 3 year olds she has never had one do this kind of thing.

Last night
Sometimes when Avrah doesn’t like the look of what we are having for dinner she will get all sullen and act a little ill. 
The kids were all sitting at the table as I was bringing in their plates and getting their drinks together.
Judah was sitting next to Avrah,
he didn’t know I was watching 
he leaned over to her and asked her in a whisper
 if she was feeling alright and assured her that it would be ok.

I am just so proud of these kids, from the youngest to the oldest, they all have such tender spirits and hearts that are so soft toward others. 


  1. welcome back to the wonderful world of BLOG! your kids are sweet because their mommy and daddy are sweet! you done good!! :)

  2. You blogged!!!!!!!!

    Love these stories and those sweet kiddos!


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